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While most graduating high school seniors have an idea of what they want to pursue in college, others are still looking at their options.

One rather interesting college major that some students are enrolling in is animation design. Animation production and design is a very computer intense program where students learn to use computer software to help generate animation to be used on the Web, television and even the movie screen.

Most colleges do not offer an animation degree, but a few do. You can look for a school in Houston, or for one in another city in Texas.

Another popular area is cooking. Culinary arts training is popular with some students because cooking is something that they enjoy doing, and the formal education is rather short -- just a year or so instead of four years. You can look into attending culinary school somewhere in Texas.

Some high school seniors want to attend college out of town. While some students end up staying in the state, many others will want to enroll at a school at one of the coasts. If students want to experience a traditional university with a full four-seasons of weather, many will head to the upper east coast to a school in a state such as Massachusetts or Pennsylvania. Read more about attending school in Pennsylvania.

Students who want to continue living in a southern climate may instead head to southern California. Find out more about going to college in Southern California.

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