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When you're considering your school options, you don't have to look at just four-year colleges. Many students are better suited to attending their local community college first before transferring to a four-year college.

By enrolling at a community college, students can continue to live at home and just pay the low tuition that these community colleges charge. Then, after one or two years, students can transfer to a university. Most community schools do a good job of working with students who are interested in transferring by making sure that students only take classes that have credits that will transfer.

If a student can put in two years at their local college, they can generally earn their associate's degree too. Click here to find out more.

One career field that many students overlook when considering a career is culinary arts. Culinary training is usually provided through a school dedicated to nothing but culinary education. These schools offer various courses, but most full-time training takes just a year of somewhat intensive training.

When the student is nearing completion of his or her formal education, almost all schools attempt to place the student with a local restaurant as an intern, where they will put in practice the techniques they learned and be able to master their kitchen skills in a real working environment. Continue reading about culinary training.

You can find a few different cooking schools in Texas. Most schools, of course, are in the larger cities of Houston and Dallas, but you may be able to locate one that is closer to where you live. Find a class in Texas.

Or, if you are really dedicated, you can move away to attend a really great school in another city. San Francisco, for example, is known for producing top chefs. Learn more about attending a school in the San Francisco area.

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